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WB Factory Racing

WB Factory Training Program

WB Factory Training Program

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WB Factory Racing 10- Week Training Program


After looking at many different training setups for various sports, we have tailored a 10-week training program for RC Racers. Our main models that we looked at are the Baker’s Factory for Supercross and Motocross and a Gym Personal Trainer. While RC has no physical needs, we feel that the program is good and just needs to be tailored to train the RC driver.


Our 10-week program is to be setup for a one day a week 2hr. session and each day we focus on one task and really dial in your race craft and technique.

 A $15 dollar track fee will be added for each day to help with water costs/track maintenance

 Week 1 – Evaluation

Week 2 – basics: Setup changes/how to test

Week 3 – Basics: Accelerating/Braking

Week 4 – Cornering and line selection

Week 5 – Jumping and air control

Week 6 – Passing and Race Craft

Week 7 – Qualifying practice

Week 8 – Short Main Sprints

Week 9 – Long Main event Chassis Prep

Week 10 – Long main event practice

Week 1 – Evaluation

To start the program, we will first get a feel for where your knowledge/driving skill is. This day will start with a 20min overview of your car to see where we are as far your setup/condition of car. From there we will do a 5-minute Qualifier run, a 7-min Qualifier using the top 5 Average format and a 20-min main. This will allow us to get a feel of where you are and how to tailor the 10 week program for you.

Week 2 – Basics: Setup/Changes/How to Test

In week 2, we will dive into more of the chassis and how to make educated setup changes. This way you will be able to make a confident change when the time comes during a race day. We will also go over the proper way to do “testing”.

Week 3 – Basics: Accelerating/Braking

In week 3, we will work on accelerating and braking. Depending on skill level, we will either work on the track, or off to the side with cones. The style of the lesson will depend on the evaluation day. The goal of this day is to be able to control the car and feel like you are driving the car and the car isn’t driving you.

Week 4 – Cornering and line selection

In week 4 we will work on how to attack corners properly to get in and out as quickly as possible, work on roll speed and finding the balance between Braking/Rolling and accelerating. We will also work on line selection as this will work into the cornering lesson.

Week 5 – Jumping and Air Control

Here we will work on attacking jumps, staying lower over jumps and how to setup for the next corner in the air. A lot of time can be made up between jumps and by setting up the car in the air to be ready for the next corner.

Week 6 – Passing and Race craft

After week 5, we should have a pretty good base on driving. We will put you on track with another driver and work on setting up passes, making a clean pass and how to defend the spot once the pass is made. We will also work on looking ahead and passing lapped traffic without losing too much time.

Week 7 – Qualifying Practice

This week we will work on running qualifiers and work on the two different types of qualifying that have become popular. 5min IFMAR qualifying (Best laps and times) and 7min top 5 average (Used in the JBRL and other races in the future). We will work on tactics for both styles and use the Mylaps timing system to simulate each of the qualifying styles.

Week 8 – Short Main Sprints

Short main events are generally used at many club races. These range from 7-15mins. We will go over the race craft needed for each type of racing and pitting strategy.

Week 9 – Long Main Event Chassis Prep

This week will take a break from driving and solely focus on prepping the car for a long main event. Generally, if you make the main at any larger event, you’ll be doing a 20-30min main. This puts a lot of stress on your car and this week will go over how to limit the failures that can happen.

Week 10 – Long Main Event Practice

This week, you’ll be doing two mains (1) 20min Main (to compare your progress through the 10-week program) and (1) 30min main to simulate a long main event.

We will compare evaluation times and your week 7 Qualifier times and week 10 main times to show you how far you have come. We will also keep track of your lap times as well. The other way we will make sure that you are up to par on wrenching is that you’ll need to prep your own car for the 30min main after your 20 min main. You will have 45mins to do so.

5-week program 

The 5-week option is a condensed version of the 10-week program. Your program will be as follows. This will only allow for 1hr per lesson rather than the 2hr session you will get with the 10-week.

Week 1 – Evaluation/basics: Setup changes/how to test

Week 2 – Basics: Accelerating/Braking/Cornering and line selection

Week 3 – Jumping and air control/Passing and Race Craft

Week 4 – Qualifying practice/Short Main Sprints

Week 5 – Long Main event Chassis Prep/Long main event practice (prepping the car for the 1st hour and one 30min main, 20 min main is dropped from the program)

For more info and to setup your day of the week, please email with your order number.



WB Factory Training Program

2hr session (10-week program, 1 day a week)

WB Factory






2hr session (5-week program, 1 day a week)

WB Factory






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