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TLR 8IGHT-X 2.0 Signature Series Build

TLR 8IGHT-X 2.0 Signature Series Build

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With the latest addition of the of the 8ight-X 2.0, we needed to get to work on some new build packages! We released the Base package almost as soon as the kit was released, but it took sometime to figure out what the Signature Series would be. We are now ready to release the signature Series build!

Photos will be updated to reflect build once we get a photo car.

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8IGHT-X 2.0 Kit

The build starts with an already race winning platform, the newly released 8ight-X 2.0. TLR Top Driver, Dakota Phend put the prototype car on the top of the podium at the ROAR Nationals in 2022 at Adobe Mountain RC raceway!

Chassis Parts -

Carbon Center diff Stiffener - TLR341027

Aluminum Planetary Gear Shafts- TLR3501

8X 2.0 Quick Change Motor Mount - TLR341026

**Limited time - in order to achieve proper depth for the Universal into the outdrive, we will install Mugen outdrives in the front diff until the corrected ones become available**

Mugen E2237

TLR 8X 2.0 Parts

Front Steering and Caster Blocks

The Signature Series builds includes the V2 Aluminum 17.5º Caster blocks and the 4º Incline Steering blocks. in order to get the right geometry with the new incline steering blocks, we also add the Option "B" steering block arms.

Aluminum 17.5º Caster Blocks (pair) - TLR344051

Aluminum 4º Incline STR Blocks (pair)- TLR34405

Option "B" STR Block Arm - TLR344055

TLR 8X 2.0 Parts

Exotek Al. Steering bellcranks

For added strengthen and consistent steering, we have added the Exotek Aluminum Steering Set made from 7075 grade aluminum.


TLR 8x 2.0 Parts

"Milled" Titanium Turnbuckles

Newly released titanium turnbuckle sets from JT Bearing Co. add style and strength to the overall finish of the car. These turnbuckles can be anodized in the following colors:

Raw,Kashima Brown, Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Gold, Pink, Matte Gray

"Milled" Titanium Turnbuckles

Aluminum Servo Parts

Long mains demand a lot from these cars, and plastic parts just will not cut it these days. To combat the abuse these car go through, we added the Aluminum Clamping Servo Saver Nut. This helps keep your steering consistent and prevents steering fade from the nut loosening up. Next, we added aluminum servo horns for both the steering and throttle servos for added strength!

Aluminum Steering Servo horn - TLR341009

Clamping Servo Saver Nut - TLR341013

Aluminum Throttle Servo horn - TLR341016

TLR 8X 2.0 Parts

The Ultimate Engine Package

After tons of laps with engine and exhaust tuning, we have landed on one of the best performing and by far the best sounding Engine and pipe combinations. The Ultimate MXS Engine with 2142 Exhaust is our go to choice for power. The pure sound alone is enough fire you up for you main! This engine easily gets you in the 9-9:30 mark for mileage.

Ultimate Racing - UR3401-MXSC2

Ultimate Racing Engine Combos

RG-600 Competition Servos

Controlling this beast of build is the RG-600 HV Competition Servos. These servos have been put to the test to provide performace and reliability. Also included is a receiver pack, brand may vary due to availability.

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