RC8B4 Base Series Build

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With the announcement of the RC8B4, We put our heads down and got to work on the new updated Base Series Package. Choosing a setup we thought would be a great base, we decided to go with the latest setup from AE's Top driver, Spencer Rivkin. This build is priced to get you on the track with a proper setup and not break the bank. 

This build includes:

  • RC8B4 Team Kit
  • 5x1.3mm Tapered Pistons
  • Gray and Black V2 Springs needed for the Setup.
  • Aluminum Pillow Balls(1 pair used for upper arms)
  • 2.0-2.2mm Front Anti-roll Bar Set (Setup requires 2.1mm bar)
  • Aluminum Steering and Throttle Servo Horns.
  • (2) WB Factory Racing Products RG-600 HV Competition Servos
  • Ultimate Racing MXS Nitro Engine(Ceramic) 
  • Ultimate Racing 2142 Pipe and header
  • Reedy RX 2400mAh LiPo 7.4v
  • Reedy Electronic Power Switch

Sanwa Receiver or transmitter can be added and installed into your build. Please see here.

Detailed Photos to be added once orders come in.