RC Raceworx Workbench Mat

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RC Raceworx is proud to announce the launch of our new workbench mat!

Highlights -

We developed this rubber mat to offer greater protection to your project, parts and workbench itself. This mat is meant to offer a smooth and captive work surface to keep your tools and parts organized and safe.


We kept it simple, we used rubber. The rubber blend we chose is flexible so it can be rolled up easily, is soft to the touch with a matte non-slip top finish, and the best part is that it doesn't have a nasty smell! Big bonus.

The biggest benefit of the rubber construction is that it helps prevent parts from taking a nifty bounce off of the bench, and helps to avoid any harsh work surface contact with your project parts or tools. We all want to keep those fancy coatings nice and fresh!


18 in. x 36 in. (457.2 mm x 914.4 mm)

The workbench mat will comfortably fit two 10th scale vehicles or one 8th scale vehicle. Or a bunch of mini’s :)