Pro-Practice Session

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On the way to the top there can hurdles that stop you from progressing at the rate that you would like to. Maybe you don't know how to make the jump to the next level. We took it upon ourselves to help with this side of the race program. We see how this has been effective in various motorsports such as MTB, Motocross and Supercross. While physical training may not be necessary for what we do, we think that race coach is something that can bring value to a racers program.

Many times we see how people make mistakes while driving that are easily fixed by just understanding more of what they are doing. While we would have no problem giving them ideas to try on their own, we think offering a full one-on-one session could be more beneficial to somebody.

How it works:

  • We will be using head sets to communicate with the driver and make adjustments while driving. This allows for a better use of the time. Instead of doing a run down after each driving session, we can quickly note the change we need to make so it can be attempted on the next lap.
  • We go over race strategy, fuel stop strategy and any other questions you may have.
  • We will work on the setup of your ride. You will have a full mechanic for the time you have booked. (Big changes can drastically limit drive time, it is recommended to try smaller changes)
  • We will keep track of lap times, to track the drivers improvement.
  • For now, sessions will only be available at Revelation Raceway


  • 2 Hour Session: Good for driving lessons only, We will focus on track time and perfecting driving techniques
  • 3 Hour Session: Good for driving and learning about small changes, fine tuning your knowledge
  • 4 hour Session: Good for learning bases of setup. We can test some options, make changes, fine tune the car to your liking and learn how we got there.
  • Half Day Session: This is good for night club races, indoor races, etc. you will have a mechanic from 1 hour prior to the track shutting down, through your last main event.
  • Full Day Session: Good for Nitro Race Days, full mechanic from the time gates open to your last main. We will guide you through the whole day, you'll learn efficient ways to maintain your car, how to do quick and clean fuel stops, how to race with other people, planning passes properly and so much more. 

How To Book:

To book your Pro-Practice Session please pick your session length and track. Add the race or practice date you would like to do the session in the comments of your order.  We will email you back to confirm the date or get with you with another option.