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Pro-Built "Milled" Titanium Turnbuckle Set: HB Racing D819RS/E819RS

Pro-Built "Milled" Titanium Turnbuckle Set: HB Racing D819RS/E819RS

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The J&T Titanium “Milled” Turnbuckles feature a 5.5mm Milled center that tapers down seamlessly for a timeless look that will elevate any vehicles appearance! Unlike most “Finned” designed turnbuckles on the market, our turnbuckles are beefed up with a 5.5mm center as well as manufactured from a higher GR5 titanium that will take a beating. The J&T titanium turnbuckles are also produced with standard right and left hand threads to work with existing stock rod ends.

  • Milled design for timeless looks

  • GR5 Titanium for strength

  • Standard threads to fit stock rod ends

  • Multiple colors

  • Genuine HB Rod Ends used

**Turnbuckle Sets are built and colored to order, may take up to 2-3 days to ship**

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