Forward ESC Mount w/ RX box, TLR 8Xe

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In an effort to improve the handing of the 8Xe on higher grip surfaces, we have come up with away to mount he ESC in the front of the buggy. Moving the ESC in front of the motor improves the cornering and balance of the 8Xe Elite. We have tested this on a few different layouts and conditions and on high grip surfaces, we noticed a huge improvement in lap times and consistency. We found that we were able to go faster, as well do those laps easier.

On lower grip surfaces, there is still some improvement that needs to be done, bu there is some potential improvements in speed and handling we have found. Setups will be posted as we dig into this more.

In order to prevent the mount from flexing under heavy load from the servo, we have decided to run M3x40mm Countersunk Screws through the bottom with flanged lock nuts to hold down the Servo. This strengthens and minimizes the flex in the mount to provide responsive steering as well as reliability.

Package includes:

(1) - 8Xe Forward ESC Mount

(1) - Forward ESC mount Lid

(4) - M3x40mm Flat Head Countersunk Screws

(4) - M3 Flanged Locknuts

(5) - M2.5x6mm Button Head Screws