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201 Pre-Mounts

201 Pre-Mounts

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Wheel Color
Pre-mounted TZ201 tires on white or yellow TZO Wheels by Dirt Donuts Co. 
The TZ201 is a small pin square lug tire that is designed to work best on grooved up to slightly dusty hard packed tracks. It excels on damp tracks, but also works well in wet or dry conditions. The centre lugs are wide and provide exceptional forward bite, while the smaller outer lugs are square, and spaced out enough to allow for grip in dust. The edges of the tread are rounded to reduce the chance of the tyre catching ruts and bumps.
TZ201 is a great qualifying tire, as well as a main tire on tracks where tire wear is low. The TZ201 is most often the fastest tire in our range when it comes to lap times.
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