Race Team Deals

This page is for past race team rides that we are selling to clean out the trailer to make room for new options. These cars will take about a week to ship as they will get a fresh prep prior to leaving our shop. We will also have other used parts, engines and accessories as well so check back frequently. Please email nick@wbfactoryracing.com for info on each car and to purchase. Prices do not include shipping.

Available now:

#1. WB Built TLR 8X Elite Rolling Chassis - $200.00

#2. WB Built Custom TLR 8Xe Complete minus RX and transponder, includes clear stock body - $650.00

#3. WB Built 22 5.0 Roller - $125.00

#4. WB Built 22 5.0 Modified Buggy Complete minus transponder and receiver - $450.00

#5. Team Associated GT2 Roller $75.00

#6. Team Associated B6.1 Roller $75.00

#7. Team Associated SC8 Nitro w/ cage, no body $300