Dirt Donuts

Gluing Service

Trackside Gluing Service

We aim to be the best gluing service at the races. We do our best to turn around tires as quickly as possible so that they are ready for your next race.

Pre-Race Gluing

Looking to show up to your next race with all your tires mounted without the sore fingers? We offer that as well! You can send your tires in to us and We will either ship them back prior to the race or bring them with us if it is an event we are attending. For more info or to get setup, please email dirtdonuts@wbfactoryracing.com


If you need wheels/tires for your next race, we also offer wheel and tire sales. Check out the pro-mount section for more info!

Owner and operator of the Dirt Donuts Branch of WB Factory Racing, Caitlyn Gilliam, mounting tires at the 2022 Dirt Nitro Challenge.

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