WB Services

Custom Builds

Already have a kit that you need built? Send it to us! We build every kit as professionally as possible and use only the best tools, lubes, oils and parts. Email us to get started! -Info@wbfactoryracing.com


Just finished up with a long race event and have a lot of priorities throughout the week? Ship or drop off your ride for a full cleaning, rebuild and prep. Email us to get started! - info@wbfactoryracing.com

Coaching Sessions

Looking to pick up a few seconds on the track? Want to learn how to go faster and be more efficient with your driving and race strategy? Or, maybe you just need some help in the pits to learn how to properly prep your ride for race day. We can help you with our coaching sessions. Shoot us an email, Coaching@wbfactoryracing.com

Mechanic Service

Not all drivers need a mechanic for their race day but, having a person dedicated to helping you out perfrom the competition has it's benefits. Taking the stress off the driver and allowing him or her to focus on the next race ahead can improve your race day tremendously. If you are interested, or would like more info, email coaching@wbfactoryracing.com

Build Service

Whether you have a basher or racer, we can build up your dream car. We take huge amounts of pride in our work and stand behind it as well. With today's go go go life style, it's hard to sit down and build kits. That is where we come in! If you don't have the time to sit down and spend hours building, we can get you on the track, field or tarmac quickly while giving you a 100% guarantee that the build will be second to none.