WB Race?

WB Race?

I personally have been throwing around the idea of putting together a race series or a large race event. I would like it to be different than what is already available. Limited entries, racing that is clear to the viewers, LEADER LIGHTS?? and more racing than qualifying. I personally would like to do a Supercross style format or even adapt the new SMX style races to RC. Being able to have my hands in a few different areas I have seen what it takes to make things happen. I personally think getting outside industry sponsors is the key to having a successful event rather than relying on entries to cover expenses and pay race promoters. I have talked about trying to make a race happen but, have yet to come through and do it the way that I would like. Hopefully 2024 is the year my team and I can make it work!


Premier Nitro Buggy 

Lites Nitro Buggy

30 entries per class

Sign ups would happen prior to event and each driver will be able to pick a number. We will supply the number plate sheets. 

2 qualifying practice rounds - 10mins each/top 5 Average laps count toward your qualifying time.

2- 20 min mains both scores count and the overall is scored like MX with the 2nd Main worth more than the 1st… ex. A 2-1 will beat a 1-2.

paid and trained comer marshals - difficult, but we would do our best to make sure they are good.

outside sponsors will be difficult, but not impossible and I think in order to help get these sponsors, a completed event will need to happen so that we can take it to these companies and show what we can do. Also with this format, I think we could put it in Fairs/SX/MX/off-road events. Which will help our end goal of growing the hobby into something that can be viewed on Large live streaming brands such as MavTV, Peacock, Netflix, etc. 

Just something we’re working toward to grow our little hobby! 

what do you think?

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