Silly Season, It's coming

Silly Season, It's coming

In typical Silly Season fashion, many people are eager to run their new brands, parts, or even just announce their new race teams on their favorite social media site. Sometimes these things happen a little earlier than they should. This will be just a quick reminder for those making changes to their program for 2023.

First and foremost, when leaving a brand that has supported you for at least a year, DO NOT talk about how the product wasn't good or they didn't help you enough. Nothing is worse than getting a discount from a brand all year long to turnaround and say bad things about them. SO many times at the end of the year you hear drivers saying, I can't wait to not use this anymore, or finally i can get this up for sale. Be courteous and thankful for the opportunities that you were given.

Announcements generally start toward the end of the year. Try not to announce something months in advance and try to keep things as close to the start of the new year when your new contract goes into effect. 

If you are switching brands and end up practicing, testing out a new car, etc. be subtle about it. Do not go out and race your next brands car while in the year of the current brand. It's disrespectful and in my own opinion, I wouldn't offer you a deal to be on my team. 

Anyways, that is all for today. Enjoy the rest of the year and we will hopefully see you the Nitro Explosion later this month!



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