Built vs. Bought...built

Built vs. Bought...built

I know I said these will be a Sunday thing, but look you get a bonus read!


In this day, RC builders have become a huge part of a hobby that originally was designed to to have the hobbyist build and race their own vehicles. As of the last few years, builds, knowledge, setup and complexity of the cars has increased. 

The majority of the public doesn't always have time to spend 8-10 hours on a build. If they do, they generally have to spread it over time and they run the risk of not being able to finish it. I have heard many stories of hobbyists trying to start a build and then they run out of time and the car just sits there for months. 

Builders, such as myself, can help solve these issues. While building cars for some people is therapeutic, for some it can be a challenge and in some cases defeating. That is where I come in. With Wallie Builds, the car arrives complete and ready to race. No frustrations, no missing parts in a kit, just a professionally built vehicle ready to hit the track. 

My service doesn't just stop after the build. I offer my knowledge through the phone, email and social media. If you have any questions, need help deciding what setup changes to make, I am there to help guide you. If we are at a race event, we will offer help and advice, at race events I have developed a pretty well rounded team that is always welcoming and ready to offer a hand. 


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