JBRL Round 5 Recap - Palm Desert

JBRL Round 5 Recap - Palm Desert

This past weekend marked off round 5 of the JBRL Nitro Series. Wallie Builds was in full force and ready to battle with some of southern California's finest. Under the tent we had:

Louis Chamberland - 

  • Open E buggy
  • Open E Truggy
  • Intermediate Nitro Truggy

Scott Foy -

  • Sportsman Nitro Buggy

Drew Zeller - 

  • Sportsman Nitro Buggy
  • Sportsman Nitro Truggy
  • Sportsman E buggy

Brian Lukavich - 

  • Sportsman Nitro buggy
  • Sportsman E Buggy

Garrett Parker - 

  • Rookie
  • Sportsman Nitro buggy
  • Sportsman E buggy 
  • Sportsman Nitro truggy

Nick Wautlet - 

  • Intermediate Nitro buggy


Qualifying went well for the team as everyone qualified into B mains or higher in their classes.

As the B mains rolled around, Garrett unfortunately would not be able to bump out of his B mains, although close in a few. He would then be set for to start in the front of the Rookie A Main. Louis had one B main to bump from and he go on to lead start to finish and take the 11th spot in the Intermediate truck A main. Scott Foy would be next, He started the B main and had a rough time coming through the pack but, would put in a great drive to come up just a bit short from the bump spot. 

A Main Event Podiums:

Louis Chamberland: 1st Open E Truggy

Garrett Parker: TQ and 1st in Rookie (2nd race ever)

Drew Zeller: 2nd Sportsman Nitro Truggy, 3rd Sportsman Nitro Buggy, 2nd Sportsman E Buggy


Rookie Podium - Garrett Parker: TQ and 1st

Garrett uses our Build service and Coaching service and is making great strides in his speed and consistency. 

Open E truggy - Louis Chamberland: 1st

Louis also uses our coaching program and 1v1 driving sessions to stay in top driving shape.


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