Why Coaching Sessions?


  • Overview
  • Session Options
  • Benefits/How it works
  • What to expect


 Coaching has been used in many types of racing and sports categories. The use of a coach helps the athlete or driver focus on one thing and that is getting better and perfecting their craft. Using a lot of the resources I have, I can help you get on the fast track to winning races, properly maintaining your vehicle and potentially attract new sponsors.


Session Options:

 2 Hour – Great for minor adjustments to your driving. Generally, about 3-4 10min, runs with headsets and we break down sections of the track and master them before putting together some laps.

3 Hour – Great for everything in the 2-hour session, but we can add some small changes to the chassis setup and test those out.

4 Hour - Great for building consistency, more so in the nitro realm. With these we can work on running longer mains and getting used to driving for longer periods of time, pitstops and race strategy.

Half Day (6hours) – This is where our race day sessions begin. The 6-hour session is good for indoor electric club races, where you will have a mechanic for an hour before the track shuts down for racing. We will help coach you through the evening, help you make changes and explain why we would make that change. We will use club racing as a learning experience to help you prepare for larger events.

Full Day (up to 10hrs.) – This is best used for a Nitro Event. It is very similar to how the half-day session works but is designed for the longer day of racing. A pit spot will be setup for you under the WB Factory Racing Tent, you will have a full-time mechanic to prepare your car for each race. We will work together through practice to get the layout down and the driver feeling comfortable with the car and the track.


Benefits/how it works:

The main goal of the coaching session is to build up your race program faster than you can by yourself. Having eyes on your driving habits, line choices, Wrenching ability, and overall day can help you learn good habits and not get stuck in the bad habits that could lead to frustrations.

 Wrenching based sessions: We will still do some driving coaching, but we will really focus on the work in the pits, understanding what changes do, proper prep for main events, cleaning, qualifier prep, etc.

Driving Based Sessions: Small amounts of wrenching, mainly just putting in laps and learning how to learn tracks with the goal of being able to get the layout mastered in just a few short practice sessions. Depending on length of session, we will do track walks, section break downs, full lap sprints, 30min “motos” and blind setup tests. The blind setup tests are designed to help you learn what the changes do without a biased opinion of what the car should do with that change.


What to expect:

When using our coaching services, We use a lot of headset communication. This allows us to communicate with the driver, fix line choices on the fly so that we use all the time as best as possible. We will also be using a record sheet that you will get at the end of the day to show your improvements, lap times and what we can still work on if interested. Track walks prior to driving will be the first thing that we start with, then we will go over the final checks prior to getting on the track(Camber, toe, Ride height). Once on track, the first drive will be to get an understanding of where the driver is and get a base lap time. We will come back to the pit, I will explain somethings that need work and we will work on them one at a time. In the last couple sessions, we will work on qualifying speed. I will generally try to do two types of qualifying styles, Normal 5 min Qualifier and the JBRL Style 7 min, Top 5 avg. This way we can build a really good strategy for both types of qualifying in the So Cal Racing Scene. For the longer sessions, we will do 30min “motos”. The idea coming from the motocross background, 30min motos are used to condition the body and be prepared for longer races. In RC, we don’t usually need strength conditioning but, mental strength is good to work on. A lot of the time racers find themselves mid pack and only circulating around the track. Their pit guy has given up and is just watching. What we will work on is staying focused and working toward moving up as far as you can during the race if you have a bad start. The way we will do this is simulate a race during practice, we will have the timer going, we will use cars on the track as lapped traffic and teach you to navigate your way through. Also we will try to put pressure on you so that you can know what to expect during a race.

If you would like to sign up for a coaching session, please email nick@wbfactoryracing.com

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