TNR Fuels A Main Challenge Race Report

TNR Fuels A Main Challenge Race Report

TNR Fuels A Main Challenge Race Report

Jan. 15-17, 2021

This past weekend held the first of what I call many races by Chris Nelson of TNR Fuels. The Event was run well and featured a track designed and built by Anthony Westergaard(Factory Tracks). The layout was challenging but, very fun to drive on.

The WB Factory Racing Team Showed up the event to Race Pro Nitro Buggy with a JQ Racing Black Edition piloted by Nick Wautlet with Caitlyn Gilliam on the headset. For practice, each driver was allowed two practice runs. In the first practice, Nick find decent pace to start the day off. The Hot Race Bangkok V2 tires were hooking up great and the car was good but, there was room for improvement. P2 went better and the car was more comfortable with some changes. The car was stable and easy to drive. 


In Q1, Nick Struggled to get a clean run. The track had changed and the grip had gone up since practice. With some changes for Q2, nick would have improve but, by very little as mistakes would continue to be the downfall. Going into Q3, a few more changes were made to get more droop in the front end and some more support. These changes helped increase the speed of the car on the track, but still fought consistency. Q4 would go the same.


Since there was only a single main for Pro Buggy, Nick would end up P11 out of 12 on the grid. From the start, the race seemed to be going backward and he was going to have to make a charge to the front. With a 45min main to go, he put his head down and went to work. moving from last up to 8th by the first pitstop, it looked like he would be able to make a charge for a top 5 finish. At about 15mins in, he experienced some issues with the car turning left. Falling even further off pace and at the 32 minute mark, the left steering turnbuckle had broken off and ended the run.

As we put this race behind us, we look to improve on our future performances. we would like to thank Chris and Lorena Nelson, Anthony and Ashley Westergaard, Daniel Adams for all the hard work this weekend putting on a great event!

Next Race: 2021 DNC Warm Up @ Thunder Alley RC Raceway.


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