WB Nitro RCSX Championship Details/Rules

WB Nitro RCSX Championship Details/Rules


Looking for info on the event? Here it is!

Tech inspection:

No tech will be used for this event as no races will benefit from a larger tank. However, if someone does run 12mins we will inspect the tank to make sure it is not a truggy tank.

We will being using the tech tent as registration, you will need to check in Saturday morning before the event as we dial in transponders and vehicle numbers. Any event questions, please come to the tent. 

Race Format:


No Practice. You may show up Friday but, it will only be for pit setup. 


Gates Open at 6am, racing at 8:30am

Practice/seeding round: One round of seeding practice, this will only set the grid for the heat races. 15mins will allow for tire testing and minor setup changes. 

  • One round 15mins  
  • Top 5 average will be used to sort you into the heat races

Heat Races: 

  • Heat races will 12min races
  • Odd Seeds will be heat 1 and even Seeds will be heat 2
  • Top 7 will advance straight to the main event
  • Bottom 8 from each will go to the LCQ



  • LCQ will be a 7min sprint race
  • 16 car LCQs if class is maxed out
  • Top 2 will advance

Main Events:

  • Double 15min. main format with points based off motocross. (1st - 25pts., 2nd - 22pts., 3rd - 20pts., 4th - 19pts., 5th - Pts., Etc.
  • Both mains will count, no throwouts.
  • Finishing order of main event 1 sets starting order for main 2.
  • Tie Breaker is the better finish in main 2

Marshal Rule: We want to make this a fun and smooth running program for everyone and make sure everyone gets out a decent time each day. 

  • You must go straight out to marshal right after your race. We will call your name TWICE before we start a race. 
  • Failure to make it out by the start of the race will result in a two position penalty. No Arguments as this is being explained prior to race day. If you have a paid marshal, making sure they are out there is YOUR responsibility.

Track Details:

  • We will be watering the track periodically. Once we know what the weather is like we will announce the water schedule. 
  • Tires:
    • Jconcepts - Blue/Green Reflexes
    • TZO Tires - Soft/Super Soft 202/402
    • Promotion - Super Soft/SS Long Wear Raptor/Talon
    • Pro Line - M3/S3 Holeshots

Any further questions, please reach out by email: info@wbfactoryracing.com

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