RC Raceworx - Gold Sponsor

RC Raceworx - Gold Sponsor


RC Raceworx was first started in 2017 as a passion project to get my foot into RC biz after being an enthusiast/racer since childhood. Family and friends with the entrepreneurial spirit were the most influential in giving me the knowledge, experience, insight and encouragement to start RC Raceworx.

We started with a few screw kits and had some cool titanium driveline parts in development but have shifted gears over the years.

Screw kits are back, and our workbench pit mats have been added along with many great products from other fantastic RC brands! We don’t sell every part or kit, or this or that, our goal is to provide each RC enthusiast with core products from the brands and categories you love most.

We’re excited for whats next on this RC course we call life! Cant wait!

Who are those two characters at the top of the page? First guy is RC Dude, he’s our intern/apprentice/go-fer parts runner. The other guy is my dad … aka RC Dad. He’s cool … and comes up with awesome products and ideas. RC Mom doesn’t have a character yet but she keeps us all fed and likes to count titanium screws :)

THANK YOU to every enthusiast out there for your support! We appreciate you!

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